scale_bt_rate, ip, f=1.7)[source] [edit on github]

Apply ionization descaling of [R55], a Burgess-Tully type scaling to ionization rates and temperatures. The result of the scaling is to return a scaled temperature between 0 and 1 and a slowly varying scaled rate as a function of scaled temperature. In addition, the scaled rates vary slowly along an iso-electronic sequence.


inDict : dict

the input dictionary should have the following key pairs: temperature, array-like and rate, array-like

ip : float

the ionization potential in eV.

f : float (optional)

the scaling parameter, 1.7 generally works well


btTemperature and btRate keys are added to inDict


[R55](1, 2) Dere, K. P., 2007, A&A, 466, 771