ChiantiPy.tools.io.wgfaWrite(info, outfile=None, minBranch=0.0, rightDigits=4)[source] [edit on github]

Write data to a CHIANTI .wgfa file


info : dict

Should contain the following keys: ionS, the Chianti style name of the ion such as c_4 for C IV, lvl1, the lower level, the ground level is 1, lvl2, the upper level, wvl, the wavelength (in Angstroms), gf,the weighted oscillator strength, avalue, the A value, pretty1, descriptive text of the lower level (optional), pretty2, descriptive text of the upper level (optiona), ref, reference text, a list of strings

outfile : str

minBranch : float64

The transition must have a branching ratio greater than the specified minBranchto be written to the file