ChiantiPy.tools.io.wgfaRead(ions, filename=None, elvlcname=0, total=False, verbose=False)[source] [edit on github]

Read CHIANTI data from a .wgfa file.


ions : str

Ion, e.g. ‘c_5’ for C V

filename : str

Custom filename, will override that specified by ions

elvlcname : str

If specified, the lsj term labels are returned in the ‘pretty1’ and ‘pretty2’ keys of ‘Wgfa’ dict

total : bool

Return the summed level 2 avalue data in ‘Wgfa’

verbose : bool


Wgfa : dict

Information read from the .wgfa file. The dictionary structure is {“lvl1”,”lvl2”,”wvl”,”gf”,”avalue”,”ref”,”ionS”,”filename”}

See also

Read .wgfa file with the old format.