ChiantiPy.tools.archival.wgfaRead(ions, filename=None, elvlcname=-1, total=False, verbose=False)[source] [edit on github]

Read CHIANTI data from a .wgfa file.


ions : str

Ion, e.g. ‘c_5’ for C V

filename : str

Custom filename, will override that specified by ions

elvlcname : str

If specified, the lsj term labels are returned in the pretty1 and pretty2 keys of Wgfa

total : bool

Return the level 2 avalue data in Wgfa

verbose : bool


Wgfa : dict

Information read from the .wgfa file. The dictionary structure is {“lvl1”,”lvl2”,”wvl”,”gf”,”avalue”,”ref”,”ionS”,”filename”}

See also

Read .wgfa file with the new format.


This is text-wise not different than the v8 version except that it uses the archival elvlcRead in archival though this has now been commented out. Can this routine be removed? Should the elvlcRead routine be uncommented?