ChiantiPy.tools.archival.elvlcWrite(info, outfile=None, addLvl=0)[source] [edit on github]

Write Chianti data to .elvlc file.


info : dict

Information about the Chianti data to write. Should contain the following keys: ionS, the Chianti style name of the ion such as c_4 conf, an integer denoting the configuration - not too essential term, a string showing the configuration spin, an integer of the spin of the state in LS coupling l, an integer of the angular momentum quantum number spd, an string for the alphabetic symbol of the angular momemtum, S, P, D, etc j, a floating point number, the total angular momentum ecm, the observed energy in inverse cm, if unknown, the value is 0. eryd, the observed energy in Rydbergs, if unknown, the value is 0. ecmth, the calculated energy from the scattering calculation, in inverse cm erydth, the calculated energy from the scattering calculation in Rydbergs ref, the references in the literature to the data in the input info

outfile : str

Output filename. ionS+’.elvlc’ (in current directory) if None

addLvl : int

Add a constant value to the index of all levels

See also

Write .elvlc file using the new format.


For use with files created before elvlc format change in November 2012